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Father God, Thank You, with Your Leadership, the prayers and financial support of 1000ís. 1000ís have given their lives to Jesus the last nine years in Liberia, West Africa. Father Thank you and we pray each commitment will be blessed and continue to follow you.



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In the many mission trips, in 12 years to Liberia W. A. We have shown the movie ďThe Passion of The ChristĒ 590 times in 590 different area locations, never to the same people twice to over 2 million people, however we do go back after 10 years to the same area. All seeing how much Jesus suffered for them, for us all, so that we all might have Forgiveness of our sins and Eternal Life with Jesus. We have witnessed 100,000 plus adults, all names, age, date and location written in five large blue books and 100,000 plus children 4 to 12 years old, names not written. All came forward, with their arms stretched toward the Heavens, repeated the sinnerís prayer and gave their lives to Jesus. The Ministry has blessed over 1,000,000 poor people with Bibles, Good Used clothing, toys, rice, beans, etc... Today we have over 3000 Area Church Pastors shepherding the New Salvations in Liberia. Only by the Blessing and the Grace of God, His leadership and Guidance, His vision became our vision and was accomplished. Please continue to pray for me, the Ministry and all the new Salvations in Liberia. Thank You Jesus, AMEN. I thank The Almighty God and give Him all the praise and glory. Again, Thank you and God bless you all.

A Brother in Jesus our Savior;

William dub Hays

P S As soon as possible, As soon as my back problem heals, I will return back to Liberia. However the ministry go's on without me, 18,000 plus people were saved in 2017 without me.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus our Savior;

I would like to personally thank the 1000ís in different Churchís for your love for Jesus, your prayers and continual financial support for the Holy Cross Movie Ministry. Iím so sorry I havenít had time to update this web-site, please forgive me. Itís so sad that many reading this report did not have the opportunity to get involved and did not receive the many blessings in saving lost souls in Liberia, West Africa. The vision God gave me 12 years ago became the vision of 1000ís. The vision that if I would go back to Liberia, 10,000 lost souls would give their lives to Jesus. I didn't understand then, and I still don't understand today. Godís vision came to pass, 11,022 Souls were saved in 2005-06. I thank God every day for the crisis that came into my life on July 7, 2002. If it had not been, I would still be on a direct road to hell, a crisis that awakened me to what is really important in life and what this life and our next life is all about. I want to share with you a brief outline of the long and terrible process from which I came and where I am today, a crisis that turned my life around 180 degrees. That terrible night I found out my beautiful wife, Shara of 50 years and two months of marriage filed for a divorce. I couldnít see how I could live without her. I loved her so much that I nearly killed myself. As I sat alone that evening with a 44 magnum pistol in my mouth, the phone rang. Steve ask me, ĒDub what are you doing? ď when I told him, he said ďDub let me pray with youĒ A while later I laid the gun on the table. All day prior to Steveís call, the Lubbock County Sheriff had called me many times, Mr. Hays, put the gun down, come outside, I have two deputies that wants to talk to you. There wonít be any problem, I said to the Sheriff, I donít trust you or anything you say, the Police, lawyers or any government official, they will tell you anything, lie to get what they want. He said, this time you can trust us. I put the gun down, went outside expecting to see two Sheriffís Deputies to talk too. But there were no deputies around. Immediately a Lubbock Swat Team ordered me to get on the ground, shot me three times with pepper bullets, kicked me to the ground, stood on me, wrapped me and threw me into an EMS wagon, took me to the psychiatric ward at a Hospital in Lubbock, Texas. What a terrible humiliating experience! Later my daughter Pamela came to the hospital, signed for my release. A few weeks later my son Mikel said to me, dad, I have been through what you are going through, the only thing you can do is to ask Jesus into your heart and life. A few months later I Truly rededicated my life to Jesus 100%. I was baptized by the Holy Spirit and Water at a small Baptist Church in Wolfforth, Texas. 13 years later, I know now it was truly a born again experience which many people never experience. Many, many days and nights while hurting and crying, I did not understanding what was happening, I remember several times stopping my pickup on side of the road, so much tears in my eyes I couldnít see how to drive, I would stretch my arms to the Heavens and ask, Why me God? Why me God? The vision continued coming to me that I must go back to Liberia and teach people about Jesus. This is a country where the rebels took everything we owned, my partner and I lost one million plus dollars in mining for gold and diamonds. This was certainly not my future plans, not knowing one day I would strike at rich and find 100ís of 1000ís of black diamonds. I did not want to go back to Liberia. Like Moses I argued with God. I said God! You remember when I was in High school, when time came for me to give an oral report in front of the class, I would skip school. You also remember in 1955-56, I failed speech courses at ENMU. You know Iím not a speaker or qualified for this plan. Iím here to tell you if itís Godís plan, He will bring you to your knees and you will obey. I pray no one will ever have to go through what I went through to be awakened to what is most important in life. However if this is what it takes to turn to Jesus, so be it. Itís better to suffer now and know youíre going to Heaven than to spend eternity burning in Hell. I spent 69 years of my life worshiping the dollar. I was on a direct road to hell and did not realize it like so many people today. I thank the Almighty God every day for my crisis and experiences, good and bad that brought me to where I am today. I had so much pride in my life; I was a disgrace to God, the Church, my family and friends if I had any. During those sleepless nights of praying and crying, the Holy Cross Movie Ministries came to me. Remember the old saying, ďone picture is better than a 1000 wordsĒ. The vision God gave me continues. The last 12 years God has blessed the ministry more than I understand. We have shipped 14 40í ocean shipping containers, 15 older model 4x4 jungle type vehicles, 90,000 New Testaments and Holy Bibles, 600,000 Plan of Salvation Tracts, 65,000 toy dolls and toy cars, 315,000 pieces of good used clothing, 4,200 pairs of shoes, many bags of rice, beans, movie equipment, screens, projectors, speakers, amplifiers and etc. We have shown the movie ďThe Passion of The ChristĒ 590 times in 590 different area locations to 2 million plus people. We never to go back to the same area for 10 years. 100ís of 1000ís of lost souls came forward crying with their arms trenched toward the Heavens and gave their lives to Jesus and were added to the Kingdom of God. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. THANK YOU JESUS, AMEN. If thereís any one reading this and God lays on your heart to donate to this Ministry, you will never be sorry. I donít draw a salary, I give all. My God will pay me one day more than Iím worth. The only salary we pay is to those that help when showing the movie, $5.00 to $10.00 per day. We donít go through PayPal any more, please send your check directly to this ministry. We are Corporation with a 501 C3 tax exemption status; we can send you a receipt at the end of each year for your tax purposes. Please do not make check out to me personally. If you want to talk to me personally, please call in US, 575-219-7719. Thank you and God bless you all.

A Brother in Jesus our Savior,
William dub Hays


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