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MOVIE # 18, JANUARY 6, 2011 – Bunadin Town Foot Ball Field, Nimba
County. We experienced a very unusual evening, everything looked the same on the outside but inside the minds of these natives was different, witchcraft and devil worshiping is their god. Over 2500 people came to watch the movie.  The 1st altar call, there were only 49 New Salvations; I knew there was something wrong because 149 innocent little girls and 153 little boys came forward. We continually prayed binding the devil from this location. Sure enough during the 2nd altar call for people to Re-dedicate their lives to Jesus, 163 adults came forward. I found out later that the chief zoe or devil came forward and gave his life to Jesus, then all the people who were afraid of this devil and what might happen to them came forward.  Thank You Lord Jesus.
The following is a personally written testimony from this devil.

                         A TRUE LIFE DELIVERANCE TESTAMONY
     My Name is Tammah. I hailed from the Mono Tribe ethnic group of Liberia. If I remain mute and don’t give thanks and praises to the Almighty God, He will be furious and rain down His wrath upon me. My father Ulas, the chief zoe for men in our district. Whenever this title Chief-Zoe is given to male or female, all others will worship you. You have the power to perform any wickiest act even to the point of bewitching people. When my father died, the traditional society members made me jump over his corpse [meaning his dead body], when he was alive.
     This was done so that I can replace him and perform the duties he performed. Because I was initiated in such a special way, I had the power to make desions Even to the point of bewitching people and was wickiest in performing extraordinary demonic deeds. I have struck down many souls now in their graves.
     I gave my life to Christ on January 6, 2011after witnessing the Christian movie brought to my community by the Holy Cross Movie Ministries. While watching this movie, three solders with daggers [swords] in their hands stood around me and challenged to choose life or else they will kill me. In my societal line we have already signed a covenant that anyone who will accept Christ will be killed. I was the only one in the audience who saw  these soldiers that surrounded me because they were spirit beings.
     They told me that God was the only one who controls everyone’s life. I took giant steps and walked to the altar and gave my life to Christ even though my societal covenant states that any member who accepts Christ will die the same day, but I’m still living, Yet I gave my life to Christ. I am thankful to God for my new life I received. I lived in darkness for many, many years. Even if I die today, I will die in the light of Christ.
     The next two bridges for me to cross are #1. My relatives and family members will consider me as an outcast. I need your prayers and support for me and my new Christian family so I can establish a new home shelter.

Signed, Tammah, Mono Ethnic Group, Liberia


MOVIE # 47, FEBRUARY 16, 2011 – Graye Foot Ball Field, Nimba County.
Wednesday evening,  229 New Salvations, 33 Re-dedications, 102 little girls and 203 little boys, all came forward with their arms stretched toward the heavens, repeated the sinner’s prayer and gave their lives to Jesus. Thank You Jesus.
Wednesday night and early Thursday  morning . I was awaken at 5;15 am, still very dark outside to a sweet sound of native voices singing, praising and thanking Jesus for all their blessings, a daily devotion. The bed I slept in was furnished by one of the singers, a three inch worn out, dirty piece of foam rubber on an unlevel dirt floor covered with a clean bed sheet. While re-writing the names tonight, like I always do every night after the show from 1:00 am for hours. As I pass through the other room to go outside to the toilet, I see the whole family lying on the hard dirt floor, no foam rubber. There they lay together in the corner of the room sound asleep.  Every time I see this I realize how much they sacrifice and how much we take for granted. None of us would give up our own personal bed and sleep on a dirt floor. No pictures on the walls, no tables, no chairs, to find a table to write on and a chair or something to set on is a major issue every night. No kitchen, no refrigerator, no water, no lights, no inside bathroom or toilet, absolutely nothing according to what we are blessed with. For this family to survive this women gets up at 4:00 am every morning, has devotion, bakes small biscuits to take to school each day to sell for 4 cents each. She is a school teacher. When I see and hear, I lay here crying seeing and knowing those that have so little are thanking and praising God for all their blessings. I am humbled.  This evening late I saw this women coming from school through the jungle with a load of firewood on her head to cook with this evening using a mud built oven to cook in for her family.

MOVIE # 71, MARCH 21, 2011 – Geo Town, Grand Bassa County.
Monday night, a very disappointing evening, 1200 people plus came to see the movie.  After the first altar call we realized most of the people in this area belong to a secret devil society. Even though we had 13 different church pastors present. Shortly after we found out some of the Church pastors worshiped the devil also. Tonight by far was the worst night we have ever had, the satanic power in these people was very strong. After experiencing a 7-9% adult Salvations for 207 different nights, all of a sudden we see .08% to come forward, this was very startling. I can understand now how burnt out and disappointed pastors in America can become. Day after day, night after night, they preach their heart out and nothing happens. I pray God will continue to bless all pastors and keep them strong in the faith. Tonight we had 7 New Salvations, 3 Re-dedications. 29 little girls and 71 little boys come and give their lives to Jesus. The good part is every person present got to see how much Jesus suffered for them on the cross which they will never forget. Please pray a special prayer for this devil worshiping area that they will soon realize only through Jesus, they can have forgiveness of sins and eternal life. In Jesus Name,  Amen.

MOVIE # 83, APRIL 5, 2011—Harbel Camp #1& 2, Firestone Rubber Tree Plantation.
Tuesday night, a blessed evening, we went back where we showed six years ago, Firestone’s two largest camps combined. In 2005 – 06, over 8,000 people came to see the movie. They were 660 adult salvations that came forward and gave their lives to Jesus, our largest show ever.  Tonight we had 7,000 plus people come, none of the Church pastors were living in this area six years ago, no one remembered we had set up in this same location before. Tonight there was 484 New adult Salvations, 156 Re-dedications, 178 little girls and 138 little boys, in three altar calls, all came forward, repeated the sinner’s prayer and gave their lives to Jesus. Thank You Lord Jesus,  Amen.
We knew from past experience that tonight would be our largest show this mission trip so I increased the altar call area twice the size. 50’ x 100’. Of the 640 people, all could not stand in the roped off area. I had 30 plus pastors, ushers and ministry workers writing names tonight. I am back in my room now, it is now 6:45 am, I just finished rewriting the names in order to give the original list back to the pastors this morning so they can issue the bibles and used clothing and toys and divide the Salvations among the church’s and start shepparding the New Salvations and Re-dedications. Tuesday, April 5, 2011 has been a long, long day. Thank You Father, Amen.
MOVIE # 121, MAY 26, 2011. Thursday night, rain to much, Cancelled

MOVIE # 121, MAY 27, 2011.
Tinkers Village, Old Road, Monrovia.
Friday night, a very poor location, the threat of rain all evening, as we were making our first altar call, half way into the movie, the heavy rain came, the majority of the 1000 plus ran for cover. As the rain continued to fall, 57 New Salvations came forward and gave their lives to Jesus, we only had one altar tonight, we all were soaked by the time the names were written. Of all the 522 altar calls, I feel tonight was the most sincere of all. Thank You Almighty God. Amen.

I wrote the following several years ago, I thank you might like to read;
NOVEMBER 27, 2007,
this Tuesday was a very interesting day. My driver Joe Mulbah and I traveled 75 miles to Bo Waterside on the Serra Leone border to pick up Pastor Freeman who did most of our altar calls in 2005-06. This check point was where my ex-wife Shara and I and 5 SIM Baptist Missionaries were held hostage by the President Doe’s soldiers 17 years ago, reason the USA was aiding the rebels, they said we are going to hold you prisoner until the rebels come and kill us.  At 5:00 on Sunday evening in May 1990, the rebels came. After the invasion the rebels took us behind their lines. Today, 16 years later Joe and I went into the same customs room where we had built a barricade out of an old coke ice box, turn over tables on their sides, an old engine block and our luggage, laying behind the barricade on our backs, waiting for the Rebels to come. There were no front double doors, probably used for fire wood, two Doe soldiers set on each side of the opening, I looked down at the same floor where we lay during the rebel invasion and looked up at the same ceiling where a 2 inch cockroach that never moved during all the gunfire and rockets loungers blowing up all around us. As I looked approximately 100 yards away, I could see the long concrete bridge crossing over the Mono River into Serra Leone where Ben and I, the father of the missionary family of five. I understand Ben has gone to be with the Lord now. At gunpoint Ben and I changed a shot out left rear tire of that old white Ford pickup that the Doe soldiers were using going back and forth carring run away soldiers and their belongings to escape across the border into Serra Leone. I remember as we were changing the tire, diesel fuel was running down in our face from a 55 gallon barrel shot full of holes in back of pickup, the Rebels were pulling the dead bodies out of the back and front of the pickup by their ankles. Each time the Rebels would check their ankles to see if they had callaces from the old type army boots buckled tops. All were soldiers in plain cloth running away from the Rebels. As they were pulled out of the pickup their heads would hit the cement bridge, I could hear the Rebels say, ”this is a solder”, “this is a solder”, Men and women alike. They piled 10 to 12 bodies on the right side of the road. I can remember the bodies would have a small hole where the bullet entered and their whole back would be blown away. The Rebels took us behind the Rebel lines in the SIM missionaries four door Toyota pickup. They treated us as good as possible considering all the rebels were children with machine guns on some kind of drugs. If you have seen the DVD called “Blood Diamond” which was shot in Serra Leone a few years later, you will see exactly what I am talking about. Weeks later a young Baptist Missionary heard about us, made a deal with the Rebels, traded rice, cigarettes and blue soup for our release. As we were walking across the Mono River bridge to cross over into Serra Leone, the pile of dead bodies were still there stinking. During this period in my life, money was my god. Little did I know when Shara gave me her white slip and I held it up, waved it, surrendering, coming out with my hands up saying Baptist Missionaries, Baptist Missionaries that 15 years later I would be one. I love you all..I pray God will bless you all.  Your Brother in Christ Jesus.  Amen.    

William “dub” Hays





























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